TLS' mission statement is 'To create opportunity by leveraging and enhancing communication between companies and their customers.'

TLS believes communication between businesses and their customers must be efficient and real.

Created in 1996 as an outbound call center, TLS is now a multi-channel customer care center serving North American companies with highly customized and integrated inbound and outbound service offerings. TLS has a proven track record in offering expert support to companies operating within the residential home service sector. TLS also has extensive experience supporting both business to customer and business to business interactions.

Inbound services include:

Outbound services include:

TLS is an industry leading communication center that supports and extends the productivity, profitability and brand presence of the businesses with which it partners. TLS uniquely maximizes its human and technical resources, not simply to present the brands it represents, but to become them. To the customer TLS becomes the genuine face of the brands it serves.